About Us - Gold Virtual Airlines
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About Us

About Us

About Us

About Us

About Us

About Us

Gold Virtual


About Us

About us - Gold Virtual Airlines

     Gold Virtual Airlines is a Virtual Airline company dedicated to the simulation of commercial flights using Software’s and worldwide networks of online computers.

     Passion for Performance and Great Dream is the feeling that moves us since June 2012 and that makes our eyes shine and fill the heart with pride of our members and followers. That is also why today we are among Virtual Airlines with greater respect and credibility in virtual aviation in Latin America.


Be a VA reference in everything you do. Provide a friendly, cooperative and above all welcoming environment


  • Big Dreams
  • Eyeshadows
  • Passion for performance

Did you know that GOLD is one of the most structured and innovative Virtual Airlines?

This model of organization of Gold was the subject of an International Certification by VATSIM. This ratifies our commitment and seriousness with flight simulation based on actual procedures according to official documents and manuals.


We have a Training Academy with complete courses for Private Pilot and Virtual Commercial Pilot, as well as Aircraft Familiarization courses.


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Our History


     In mid-May 2012, the CEO of CIA, Mr. Rodrigo Andrade Figueiredo, decided to start an audacious project: Create a Virtual Airline that would fly as high as your dreams!


     Following its objectives and purposes, GOLD Virtual Airlines – GVA was born, with a Mission and Vision, which are: Dream Big and Be a VA Reference in everything that does.


Since 2012 we have already offered dozens of live trainings, hired virtually hundreds of pilots, made thousands of flights in the IVAO and VATSIM networks, periodically held real riders’ meetings in the main capitals of Brazil, we had the textures for the fleet aircraft, made dozens of And of course … We’ve already made a lot of people have fun and be friends!


     The future, what is in store for us? Big Dreams, even bigger than what we are experiencing today. May we make the difference of those who seek a degree of excellence in what they seek.

Our Structure

The road to success for a company, even a virtual one, that generates good results of friendship and fun, is in the sense of “taking this joke seriously”. We really believe that. And it’s not today! Our staff invests a good part of your free time to provide an environment more and more friendly, warm and relaxed. The formation of a competent team of employees, committed to doing the best, always, and proud to belong to this VA, makes Gold Virtual Airlines a differentiated CIA.

Honorary Members

The Honorary Member title is awarded to members who have played an important role in the management of Gold Virtual Airlines and / or played a role of extreme contribution and relevance.

Wagner Cobhan

Rinaldo Simão

Valdírio Guerra



If you have abandoned your dreams, it is time to take them back. Do not say it’s late, you’re too old, you can not. Decide yourself and leave for the fight! Study, persevere, conquer. Use the strength of your faith. Believe and invest in your potential. Believe in success and become part of Gold Virtual Airlines!